Prof. Alessandro Busacca

Full Professor of Electronics and coordinator for the Ph.D. courses in Information and Communication Technologies University of Palermo


Prof. Alessandro Busacca was born in Palermo (IT) in November 1975. His research interests include: photodetectors characterization, photonic microtechnologies, optical fibre devices, linear and nonlinear integrated optical devices, optoelectronic devices, biophotonics, free space optics communication, fabrication and characterization of photovoltaic cells, TeraHertz science. He is actually Full Professor of Electronics since 2018 and coordinator for the Ph.D. courses in Information and Communication Technologies at the University of Palermo. He was Sr. Research Fellow at Palermo University since July 2002. He was enrolled since 2002 as a Lecturer for the courses on Electronic Devices, Electromagnetic Waves, Integrated Optics, Optical Communication, Principles of Electronics and Electronic Systems. He was Visiting Researcher at Universidad Autonoma de Madrid in 2003. He was appointed as Research Assistant at the Optoelectronics Research Centre of Southampton University (UK) from July 2000 up to June 2002. He got his Ph.D. in photonics in 2001. He served as Lieutenant in the Electronic Warfare from March 1999 up to June 2000. He got his “Laurea” degree with honours in Electronic Engineering when he was 22 years old.

He is also author of more than 230 papers (more than 60 Journal papers) and a patent on several photonics topics. He is a member of the Optical Society of America, the IEEE, CNIT and CNISM. He is in the executive board of the IEEE Photonics Italy Chapter. He was also involved as a WP leader or coordinator in several projects financed from private industries, the Italian Ministry of University and Scientific-Technological Research (4 PRIN), the Italian and the European Space Agency, the FP6/FP7, the EPSRC of UK.